This website is dedicated to Berty Louise Haba Alfarone, my caregiver.

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alternate text  My name is Teresa and my dad is a cancer survivor! He was diagnosed with Lymphoma when my son was going into high school and I worried that he would not be here for my son's graduation. But I should have known that my dad is a fighter! He had a wonderful Cancer Caregiver, who brought him to the many doctors appointments and got his medicines for him and watched over him day and night. At one point when he was sick, he spent twelve days in the hospital and his white cell count was down to only 300! He had no immune system to fight the cancer and there was the chance that he could die. That was the scariest time for me, and I am so grateful to his doctors and nurses for helping him be not only a cancer patient but a Cancer Survivor!! Once his cancer was in remission, my dad had a new love for life! He wanted a special token of his long two year struggle to survive cancer and he designed two bracelets. One had the inscription CANCER SURVIVOR, THANK YOU GOD, and the other bracelet said CANCER CAREGIVER, GOD'S HELPER. The Cancer Caregiver bracelet he gave to Louise, his own special caregiver. The cost of the first bracelet, which was gold, was $300, He was not happy with the way it was made and so he decided to redesign another bracelet, only to be told by the jeweler that this one would cost much more! He told the jeweler, "It cost a million dollars to be a survivor, I can afford whatever the cost of the new bracelet is!" Today, the price for a gold bracelet may be too high for someone to pay, but he now makes the bracelets in Stainless Steel, or Sterling Silver, which brings the cost down. That bracelet has been on my Dad's wrist since the moment he got it and everytime I see it I remember that I am so grateful that he is a Cancer Survivor! We were also happy to see Dad at my son's high school graduation, taking pictures and of course, wearing his CANCER SURVIVOR, THAN YOU GOD bracelet. If you are a CANCER SURVIVOR, CANCER CAREGIVER and you would like to purchase a bracelet like my Dad's, you can contact him by his Cell 281 703 6894 or Email Me

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